This is for those of you out there who run your own business or do social media marketing.

Wtih most businesses, the best way is to simply make your Facebook page more helpful to your target market. Make sure it’s linked to all of your other online content. Post updates and links that your customers will be interested in and are likely to share.

You’ll see slow growth at first, but this also gives you time to refine the type and format of your wall posts to make them likely to be shared.

Once you feel ready, you could start buying Facebook ads. It can be very targeted. The ads also have the “Like” button directly in them.

Aside from that, the best way to increase Facebook fans is not on Facebook. Promote your business through other outlets in which your potential Facebook fans see you. If you have a website, post it there. If you have fliers, posters, or ads, make sure it has a link to your Facebook page.

If simply getting them to check out your page isn’t doing the trick, try running some campaigns or promotions where your fans have a chance to win a prize or get special discounts.

Last note: If your brand image is important to you, do NOT hire people to suggest your page to other people. This happens too much, and is often seen as social spam.binary options bonus 200top rated binary options brokers 2015интернет магазин видеокамерitalian automatic watchesкредит в череповцетелефон хоум кредит банкмотоблоки в кредиткак взять кредит 500000 рублей