10 reasons to do social media marketing.

Here are 10 reasons your business or company should do social media marketing.

1) The percentage of time spent on social networking sites by people is increasing relative to total time spent on the Internet.

2) People are increasingly making both personal and business decisions based on recommendations or suggestions from people they know.

3) People are more likely to share/suggest/recommend people/businesses/products/brands if it is made easier for them to do so.

4) Showing your ability to create and find relevant and interesting content is a good way to establish credibility in your field.

5) There are people out there who may not give you a chance to sit down and talk to them, but are willing to read something you write and post online.

6) More people will view and share content you create if you share it with them (as opposed to not sharing it with them).

7) Social networking sites are the newest and most technologically advanced marketing tools out there, and you can start using them for free.

8) A successful social media marketing strategy can increase the value of your product or service.

9) A successful social media marketing strategy can increase the effectiveness of any marketing, advertisement, and/or PR campaign.

10) Social media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

If you disagree with, or have any questions about any of these 10 reasons, please leave a comment. I’ll explain further.






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