11 Free WordPress Themes for Business

Installing a new WordPress theme to your website is really easy. It’s amazing how many awesome themes, once you start looking around.

1) Find a WordPress theme you like.
2) Download the .zip file.
3) In your WordPress settings go to Appearance > Themes > Upload.
4) Upload your new theme as a .zip file.
5) Activate.


Note: Even if you don’t like the theme as is, you should know most of these themes offer lots of customization (font, color, logo, photos), which help alter the look and feel of your website significantly.

iPhone Denati (ZJTthemes)

D’zonia Light (wp-themes)

Themia (wp-themes)

Colorway (wp-themes)

Swatch (woothemes)

Zincious (paddsolutions)

Coming Soon (templematic)

Heliumified (paddsolutions)

Corporattica (Pengbos)

Thuliumy (paddsolutions)

Blue Rooster (fearlessflyer)






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