150+ Web3 Startups

In case you missed it, I wrote a tweet thread recently that covered 130+ interesting web3 startups. I know we’ve covered web3 startups plenty, but the opportunity of innovation here is hottest right now, so here’s another 20+ startups!

We covered The Graph previously, an indexing protocol for ETH and IPFS. Bitquery is similar, but for 30+ blockchains. Then you have Hal, a no-code cross-chain monitoring platform. Ceramic is a leading composable web3 data network.

We’ve seen a lot of web3/web2 bridges like Lit Protocol and Unlock Protocol, which can help you token-gate apps like Zoom, Google Drive, WordPress, and more. Formatic and Torus simplify web3 log-in flows. Chainstarters is a dev environment for connecting web2 to web3. Modules from Decentology allow devs to build Dapps with just Javascript. BuildHub is a no-code solution for triggering web2 automations from web3. Bunzz is a no-code web3 back-end solution. Speaking of No Code, if you’re looking to mint NFTs, there’s NiftyKitManifoldCreatifyBuildShip, and Rampp. Speaking of web3/web2 partnerships, Rampp partnered w Typedream (no code web builder), and Buildship has a Webflow template. You can also use Bildr, a no code web builder w native web3 integration to connect with any smart contract (or create token-gated websites).

We’re pretty excited about web3 productivity/work tools. Dework is a web3 native Trello with bounties built in. Huddle is a web3 native video chat w wallet log-in and NFT avatars. Cal offers token-gated calendar booking. Use Superfluid for programmable cashflows and Utopia for web3 payroll and expenses. Use Splits for automatically splitting onchain income. Wagsi is for accepting recurring payments in crypto. Sobol is for tracking accountability within DAOs. Squads builds collaboration infrastructure for web3 native teams. Portal offers community management tools for NFT creators.

Bringing Web3 to IRL, there’s SuperLocal, which incentives people to visit locations. Webblen encourages community engagement. 4K is an NFT marketplace for authenticated physical products. Stepn is a move-to-earn game that incentives you to exercise. Signet‘s intelligent packaging platform is used for counterfeit protection and supply chain visibility of physical goods.

If you’re interested in web3 gaming, which we didn’t touch on above, check out Yohei’s article last night on the current state of interoperability in NFT gaming – which touches on Pixels/World Wide Webb (2D), Decentraland/SandBox/NFTWorlds/Webaverse (3D), ReadyPlayerMe (avatar) and more.






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