23 Startups and 12 Entrepreneurs Who Are Killing It In LA Right Now

The 23 Hottest Los Angeles Startups You Need to Watch (July 13th) on Business Insider lists the following startups: ShoeDazzle, Factual, Omaze, BeachMint, GiantMedia, Burstly, GameSalad, SurfAir, CardLike, MakerStudio, DailyLook, Shop Hers, The Honest Co., Chill, Machinima, Riot Games, Intelligent Beauty, uSamp, NastyGal, FastPay, DogVacay, MySocialCloud, Hypemarks, Cornerstone, LegalZoom.

12 Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing LA Forever (July 9th) on Forbes lists these founders: The Amplify LA guys, Jason Calacanis, Paige Craig, Bill Gross, William Hsu, Mike Jones, Adam Lilling, Howard Marks, Jason Nazar, Kamran Pourzanjani, Jeff Scheinrock, Kevin Winston.

In case you didn’t notice, most of the entrepreneurs in the Forbes article are angel investors and/or founders of an incubator or accelerator.






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