27 Recent Articles for Social Entrepreneurs

Here are some recent articles and links that I found through social media. Enjoy!

For Social Entrepreneurs:

Discussion: Where Does One Start? (Social Edge)
Starting a Social Enterprise: Discussion on @socialedge hosted by @saulgarlick founder of @thinkimpact. #socent

How to Find a Social Innovation Job (Innov8social)
44 tips for finding a job in social innovation. via @Innov8Social #jobs #socent (Check out tip #17!)

Start-Up Accelerator and Incubator Programs for Social Entrepreneurs (Innov8social)
16 #Startup Accelerator and Incubator Programs for Social Entrepreneurs. via @innov8social #socent

50+ Fellowship Programs for Social Innovators (Innov8social)
50+ Fellowship Programs for Social Innovators. via @innov8social #socent #fellowships

5 Foundations Supporting Social Good Entrepreneurship (Mashable)
5 Foundations Supporting Social Entrepreneurship: @schwabfound @SkollFoundation @ashokatweets @OmidyarNetwork @echoinggreen. via @ericaswallow on @mashable #socent#foundations

Build Something People Need: On Raising Venture Capital and Creating Startups that Matter(Fast Co.Exist)
“If you think about your company’s success only in terms of investment or venture capital dollars, you are fundamentally in the wrong business.” via @fastcoexist

5 factors of sustainability: This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Sustainability Framework (Common Wealth Ventures)
5 factors of #sustainability: This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Sustainability Framework. via @CWVInc#socent #business


How to Scale Community Impact with a Market-Based Approach (Ashoka)
“Desired community impact enables communities to identify their needs, develop solutions, and mobilize resources”. via @ashoka

Justice Begins within the Social Entrepreneur Organization (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
The importance of organizational culture for social entrepreneurs. via @richtafel @SSIReview #opinion #socent

Why Social Enterprises Must Influence Other Businesses (The Guardian)
Social enterprises must influence other business to be more responsible. via @guardian #socent

Companies are Using Sustainability to Pursue Broader Goals (Sustainable Life Media)
“More companies are using #sustainability to improve processes, pursue growth, and add value” via @SustainBrands

Corporations Must Become Socially Conscious Citizens (Harvard Business Review Blog)
Corporations Must Become Socially Conscious Citizens. via @HarvardBiz #socent #csr


Is There More Money Than We Think? (SocialFinance.ca)
Factoring #values into purchasing behavior to support Social Enterprises. via @socialfinance #socialpurchasing

How a Broader Definition of Value Opens the Door to Sustainability (GreenBiz)
How a Broader Definition of ‘#Value’ Opens the Door to #Sustainability. via @greenbiz #finance

US Cleantech Funding Climbs 73% to $1.1 Billion (Bloomberg)
US #venturecapital investment in #cleantech rose 73% to $1.1 billion via @bloombergnews #vc#finance

Philanthropy’s Shift Toward Entrepreneurism (Fast Company)
Philanthropy is shifting away from non-profits to #entrepreneurism. via @FastCompany#impactinvesting #socent

International Business:

Should We Be Focused on Rural Areas in the Developing World? (The Atlantic)
Should #microfinance focus on rural areas in developing worlds? via @TheAtlantic

Population…overload? (Echoing Green)
If the 7 billion people in the world shrunk to a 100 person village, what would it look like?. via @echoinggreen

Welcome to the Next Generation of Philanthropy (The Globe and Mail)
What does Philanthropy 3.0 look like? Younger people starting many smaller organizations. via@globeandmail #socent

Most charities’ business models ‘will not last the long term’ (Civil Society)
What do you think? “Most charities’ business models ‘will not last the long term’” via @CivilSocietyUK

Housing Series: Building a Strong Foundation When Earthquakes Hurricanes Hit Affordable Housing (Next Billion)
Building affordable #housing resistant to #earthquakes and #hurricanes. via @nextbillion

Cool Ideas:

Where are Britain’s 32,000 Social Enterprises? (The Guardian)
A business directory for social enterprises in the UK: @buyseonline. via @guardian Where’s one for LA? #socent

Bike-Powered Generators: A New Source of Electricity for Occupy Wall Street (Huffington Post)
Cool! @occupywallst using #bicycle powered generators to power lap-tops and charge phones. via @huffingtonpost #eco

This Insane Kitchen of the Future Powers Itself with Leftovers (Fast Co.Exist)
Wow! The Microbial Home is a kitchen that powers itself with leftovers. via @fastcoexist #eco #green

Other News & Links:

Detroit: rejuvenation through urban farms, sustainable living and innovation (The Guardian)
Detroit, the former Motor City, is going #green. via @guardian #urbanfarms #innovation #cleantech

Launching Effective Government Startups (Harvard Business Review Blog)
How to start new agencies, offices, or initiatives in the #government. via @HarvardBiz

Youth and Social Enterprise (Social Edge)
The role of frustrated #youths in social enterprise. via @socialedge #socent






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