A Compelling Case for Mandatory HTML in Elementary School

HTML should be taught mandatory in Elementary School.


Learning how to use Microsoft Word before learning how to write HTML is like learning how to use a calculator before learning how to do math.

Before learning HTML, we should be taught to use text editor, which can only create plain text files (meaning no fonts, no colors, no heading, etc.). This should be enough to start using a computer for writing.

Coincidentally, you can use text editor to make your first HTML project. It’s really simple:

  1. Write something in text editor.
  2. Save it with the file name ending in “.html” (eg. hello.html).
  3. Open the file using your browser. (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

That’s it. You should see the text you typed appear in your browser.

Learning your first code is just as easy. To make something bold, add a <b> and </b> before and after the word. “<b>hello</b> how are you?” will produce:

hello how are you?

Similarly use <i> </i> to make a word italic, and so on.

The basic HTML functions = the basic functions of Microsoft Word.

Knowing basic coding is very useful in business, regardless of whether or not you want to become a developer. Tools like WordPress, which powers over 70 million websites worldwide, are much easier to use when you know some basic HTML.

I used w3school to learn HTML, which is a simple website that’s been around for a while. I still go back to it when I need to remember a few things, mostly because their SEO rocks. There are other great resources for learning HTML, some of them text, some of them video. Some of them are geared toward people who have no desire to be developers, and others for people who want to start creating websites right away.

It’s so simple.

Why do so many people pay developers to do things an elementary student could learn to do in less than a month.






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