A Delicious, Healthy, Caffeinated and Hassle-Free Snack


Many of us struggle with eating the way we want to. The reason for this ranges from laziness to finance. We’re always looking for better solutions. I might have a solution for you. It’s a healthy hand-made organic energy bar called Gamer Food. The branding is targeted toward gamers, but it’s a great solution for all busy people.

Gamer Food was just launched this weekend by my friend Chris Davis and his brother, Michael. They wanted to give us an easy way to move away from the junk food we often resort to, while also supplying us with a healthy dosage of natural caffeine derived from Guarana. My initial reaction to this concept was to question the taste, which fortunately, was completely unnecessary. The two bars I’ve tried so far have both been addictingly good.

They have six flavors available: Energy Bar (Coffee Sunrise), Health Bar (Goji Macadamia), Mana Bar (Honey Cashew), Rage Bar (Chocolate Infusion), Protoss Delight (Almond Cherry), and Zerg Rush (Cookie Dough). They each have varying levels of Health, Energy, and Focus shown on their wrapper. The two I tried was the Mana Bar and the Health Bar, both amazing.

Check out their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter. Or jump to their website to purchase these bars.






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