About Pleezy.com

Pleezy is a simple sports prediction site for Facebook users. You can use it to make your predictions about the winners for upcoming major sports games. You can only see predictions your Facebook friends have made, and only your Facebook friends can see the predictions you make. You can no longer change your prediction once the game starts, which means the predictions you make will always be available for your friends to see.

I came up with this concept and shared it with my dad on the morning of Christmas eve in 2010. We spent the 24th, 25th and 26th working on this project and launched it the morning of the 27th. It was mostly created as a fun project for my friends and I to play with, but it would be fun to have more people using it.

When you log-in, the first you thing you see is the dashboard, where you can find upcoming games in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA FB. We’re hoping to add more sports soon.

You can visit the game pages by clicking on any of the games. You can immediately see any predictions for the game your Facebook friends have made, and you can make your own prediction with a click of a button.

Your profile is a list of all the games you have made predictions on, and whether or not you were correct. It keeps track of your prediction rate and the total number of games you guessed correctly.

From your friends page, you can see a list of your Facebook friends who have made predictions on Pleezy, and how well they’ve been doing. Of my friends, it’s notable that Phil has an 88% prediction rate, but Dave’s 76% prediction rate is much more impressive considering he’s made predictions for five times more games.

I’m not sure what the next change I should make to Pleezy is. Some friends suggested that I let people predict on the line, because otherwise it’s too easy (sounds like Pleezy, coincidence?). A shit talking board on each game would allow people to do what they already do: talk shit to each other about sports.

Maybe, rather than complicating the site with increased statistics and betting options for the games, could it be more fun to see statistics on how your friends bet? Which friends tend to favor the home team? Do any of your friends know NBA really well, but NFL not so much?

What changes do you want to see on Pleezy?






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