AI Experiments Galore

We shared some early experiments around AI last month like Mini Yohei (portfolio support) and our Due Diligence tool. We’ve since continued experimenting, which has led to incredible insights, new relationships, and a much clearer vision for what’s possible.

Let’s explore a few things we built this month…

  • Due Diligence tool in LP Portal: We released our due diligence tool in our LP portal, it’s been great getting feedback on this!
  • GPT-3 Story Reader: Got Siri to read custom stories written by GPT-3 on the fly.
  • Talk to Stable Diffusion: Connected Siri to Stable Diffusion, now a 3 yr old can generate images without help!
  • GPT-3 x Siri: Built a straight Siri integration of GPT-3, so we can experiment with prompts while driving. Click here to download the template and use with your OpenAI API key.
  • Semantic Search of Startups: Ran an experiment using OpenAI embeddings to enable semantic search of startups. This is particularly exciting because keyword/tag search has many issues when it comes to finding startups.
  • No Code site builder: This is prototype app that will write code for any app you describe. Testing “prompt-chaining” by first creating instructions, then sending those instructions in to write code.
  • Bulk Web Scraper: Technically not AI, but built a tool that will go through a big list of URLs, scrape the homepage, and look for keywords. We identified 109 family office websites with the keywords “VC” or “venture capital” out of 1400+ we fed into this tool.
  • Google Doc Writing Assistant: Built GPT-3 directly into Google Docs so you can have it extend anything you’re writing. Template in thread (just add API key).
  • GPT-3 Chatbot: At this point table stakes, but wanted to build a chatbot from scratch. This base can easily be tailored for different purposes.
  • LinkedIn Bio Generator: Built functionality to autogenerate a bio with a LinkedIn URL only. Combines LinkedIn scraper + GPT-3, and can be embedded directly into our CRM to generate bios for every LinkedIn we add. Still needs a little massaging.
  • Unofficial GPT-3 Zapier Integration: Published an unofficial Zapier integration for anyone to use. Just add your OpenAI API key.
  • No Code AI app: Prototype of an app where you describe an AI app and use it at the same time. It’s basically some clever prompt engineering but cleaner UX for novices.
  • Email Summarizer: Launched, a service that automatically summarizes and organizes emails. Built initially to handle kids’ school emails, but generalized for anyone to use.

Many of these are merely building blocks towards a much larger picture around what we can do with AI to further Untapped Capital, our portfolio companies, and the industry as a whole.






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