Amazon is Streaming Videos & Selling Wine + More Tech News

What’s trending in tech news? Amazon.

Amazon Prime, which used to only have year long subscriptions as $79, is now available for a monthly fee of $7.99. For those of you who didn’t know, Amazon Prime offers a video streaming service like Netflix. While Netflix has more tv shows I like, Amazon has more movies that I’m interested in. (link)

Also, Amazon is now selling wine. (link)

In other news, Microsoft just released a new iOS App that let’s you control your XBox. Sounds cool, but I don’t have an Xbox. (link)

AT&T just also announced they are pumping $14B into their wireless infrastructure. I’m an AT&T customer whose calls drop every once in a while, so this is great news. All lazy AT&T customers rejoice. (link)

And Starbucks, my local coffee shop (I’m from Seattle), is now taking Square payments at over 7000 of their locations starting today. It’s exciting to see a big company identify and implement good technology, we don’t see that enough. (link)






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