Apple & Facebook are Happy. Netflix & Zynga are Sad. Nintendo is Doing Better. Platfora and iZettle Seem Really Cool.

via LA Times Nasdaq headquarters in New York (Spencer Platt / Getty Images / May 18, 2012)

Apple announced the iPad mini amongst other great products yesterday, and people loved it. Old iPads are suddenly flooding the market.

Facebook shares jumped 22% this morning from around $19 to $24, it’s the best day they’ve ever had on the public market.

Zynga and Netflix on the other hand, are struggles. Zynga lays off 5% of its work force, ending 13 games. Netflix had a poor third quarter performance and a sad CEO.

Still hurting, but doing better is Nintendo.

Also notable this week are the two startups, iZettle and Platfora. iZettle, Europe’s Square, expands $31.4m Series B round with investment from American Express. Platfora Seeks To Brings Simplicity And An Apple Style Ease Of Use To Big Data Analysis.






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