Ayo for Productivity

Every few months, a new tool increases my productivity so much I can’t wait to share it. It was Superhuman a few months ago, increasing my email speed by more than 2x. This month, I started using Silent Inbox: a simple gmail plug-in that holds all of your newsletters and delivers it once a day.

Seems email is something on top of everyone’s mind. That’s why the Basecamp team launched Hey, which honestly is a bit much for me. Want to clean up an already messy inbox? Take a look at Mailstrom or LeaveMeAlone. Want to make sure it stays clean? Use Mailbrew to create your own digest of multiple newsletters. Want to write emails quicker? Check out AI-based writing tools like Compose.aiLavender, or Otherside AI. Take that one-step further and you’ll have Kriya auto-writing mass emails for you.

Maybe it’s not emails, but DMs that are driving you crazy. The newest tools to manage all of your messages in one inbox are: TextsComposeFranz, and Nova Chat.

Want more efficient Calendaring? CommandDot is Superhuman for calendars (shortcuts galore!). Calendar.com gives you analytics on your schedule (kind of like Email Meter for email). Reclaim is great for syncing multiple calendars or making sure you save blocks of time to do work. Workomo will show you relevant info about people you’re meeting with, right in your browser.

Looking for a personal CRM? Check out Dex for something powerful, and Clay for a minimalist one. Folk is for organizing contacts with your team.

Other new productivity tools include Command E for searching across all your cloud apps at once, Mighty for speeding up Google Chrome, Motion for organizing tabs and browser short cuts, and Akiflow for shortcuts that work with all of your web apps.

While there’s a ton of task lists out there, Centered caught my attention due to it’s focus on helping you achieve Mindfulness. (In case you’re curious, I use Todoist).






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