Biosphere 2, Echolocation, and Sex at Mindshare LA

Biosphere 1 is earth, Biosphere 2 is a fully enclosed man-made environment built on earth to study the connectivity between organisms on our planet. In the early 1990s, 8 scientists (four women and four men), lived in the Biosphere 2 for two full years.

I spoke to two of them yesterday.

Mindshare LA is my favorite monthly event in Los Angeles. I like to describe it as a mix between TED and Burning Man. The first part of the event occurs in an auditorium, where three to four people talk about amazingly interesting topics. For example, check out these speakers for yesterday’s Mindshare:

Abigail Alling / President Biosphere Foundation
Biosphere 2, from Sea to Space

Lei Liew / Ph.D. candidate, USC, Brain and Creativity Institute
Who’s the Boss? Cross-Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Daniel Kish / President, World Access for the Blind
Echolocation & Giving Sight to the Blind

Sandra Daugherty / Sex Educator & Host of the Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast
Sex, Spaghetti and Human Variability

The second part of the event is a party, where you have a chance to speak with all of the speakers who are hanging out by their table. They also have interactive art, silly social games putting on by the Wise Guys (their site is worth checking out), cool music experiences, and big tech gadgets that you can play with, developed by Synn Labs – they’re the same company responsible for the Rube Goldberg Machine in the OK Go Video below.

About a month ago, I went to a party put on by the Synn Lab guys. It was ridiculous: robot-circus-rodeo theme, 10 ft wide fire place, fire poi ball dancers, unlimited free booze, and a king-size hammock for about 8 people dubbed “the cuddle puddle.”






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