Card Pyramids Are For Winners Only

I started playing a solo drinking game that involves a deck of cards and a bottle of wine…

I find it therapeutic to build card pyramids, I’ve been doing it since high school. It’s challenging and frustrating, and the only exit is either to give up or succeed; there’s nothing in between. One deck of cards can build you a five story card pyramid.

5×2 = Bottom layer walls = 10
+ 4 = Bottom layer ceiling = 14
+ 4×2 = 2nd layer walls = 22
+ 3 = 2nd layer ceiling = 25
+ 3×2 = 3rd layer walls = 31
+ 2×2 = 4th layer walls = 35
+1 = 4th layer ceiling = 36
+1×2 = 5th layer = 38

38 < 52. Capiche?

Every time you finished a layer, take a sip. Every time the pyramid crashes, take a chug...

If you don’t like building card pyramids, that alone says something about you.

If you’ve never tried, it shows that you’re hesitant to try something you assume you can’t do. Just like anything else, there are tips and tricks you’ll figure out which makes the whole process easier. I suggest you try more things without being afraid of failure.

If you’ve tried a few times and given up, it shows that you can’t handle the frustration that comes with building card pyramids. Sure, it’s extremely frustrating, because if you mess up on the forth layer, you usually ruin the third and second as well. It is frustrating, and that’s the point. When something frustrated you, you can give up and leave, or you can learn to harness that frustration into concentration. Building card pyramids are a great way to train yourself in… whatever personality traits it takes to build a card pyramid.

You lose if you finish a bottle of wine before you successfully build a 5 story pyramid. I lost.

That’s why I say that card pyramids are for winners only. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean; if you don’t, I suggest you try building a card pyramid.






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