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  • What’s your mission statement

    The importance of a mission statement to an organization is taught in business school and written in countless number of books (eg. Built to Last), but I was thinking about it today and its role in a time of crisis, so I thought I’d jot a few thoughts down. When you navigate through the wilderness […]

  • How to find Angel Investors using LinkedIn

    I found a way for founders to find angel investors in their network using LinkedIn, and since sharing this with a couple founders and getting feedback – I’m excited to tell you – it works (for some, at least). It’s simple. Go to LinkedIn. Search for “angel investor”, and filter down to “people” who are […]

  • Hands-on with Magic Leap

    I had a chance to try Magic Leap last night. I’d read various reviews that the Magic Leap didn’t live up to the hype, so my expectations were low. I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. I haven’t tried other AR headsets so I can’t compare, but here are some thoughts. When you first put […]

  • Food tracking

    One of the harder data sets to track is food consumption, which can in theory provide some vague estimate count of nutrient, calorie, etc. over time. Once tracking this data becomes easier, we can start to correlate this against health outcomes. I’ve come across two approaches recently, both of which seem impressive when looking at […]

  • Working with corporates as a startup

    Many startups seek to disrupt existing industries. Some of them seek to disrupt them by competing with large companies. Others seek to disrupt industries by collaborating with, or selling to large companies. This article is for the latter. As a startup, here are some tips on doing business with large companies. Learn how the company has […]

  • Why did you start this company?

    “Why did you start this company?” “Why are you working on this idea?” We investors love asking these questions. We’re assessing your passion for the idea. Starting a company is difficult, and we want to know that you are going to persevere when times get tough. It’s not a simple question. Usually, the reason you’re working […]

  • An Introduction to Startup Methodologies

    There are a handful of startup methodologies that every entrepreneur should familiarize themselved with. These concepts, widely accepted amongst tech startups, were developed by seasoned entrepreneurs to help fellow entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes. The Business Model Canvas, developed by Alexander Osterwalder, is a framework for analyzing the different components of a business – it’s essentially a […]

  • Best Resources for Learning Startup Marketing

    Here’s a list of the best guides I’ve found to teach yourself startup marketing, digital marketing, growth hacking, or whatever else you want to call it: GROWTH HACKING/STARTUP MARKETING Growth Hacking is becoming an increasingly popular term for metric-based marketing for early stage startups. The term itself can be controversial, but don’t focus on that […]

  • How to Get Into YCombinator

    I started reading HackerNews recently, and I love it. Today, 3 of the top 100 posts happened to be advice for getting into YCombinator, so I though I’d post them here for people who might have missed it. While these are tips for YC, the same advice goes for applying to startup accelerators in general. […]

  • Making Sense of Agile

    Disclosure: we have a 2.5 hour workshop on Agile Tools with Patricia Anglano coming up at Coloft on October 8th, which inspired me to write this article. Read more about it here. In this article, I tried to link to the most helpful Agile articles I found for people just getting introduced to the concept. Though […]