Category: Venture Capital

  • LP 101: Intro to investing in venture funds

    I’ve had the opportunity to recently talk to a few folks who are considering investing in a venture fund for the first time. While there are lots of resources for new angel investors, I’ve found there isn’t as many for new LPs. #OpenLP is a great movement to get the voice of LPs into the […]

  • How to find Angel Investors using LinkedIn

    I found a way for founders to find angel investors in their network using LinkedIn, and since sharing this with a couple founders and getting feedback – I’m excited to tell you – it works (for some, at least). It’s simple. Go to LinkedIn. Search for “angel investor”, and filter down to “people” who are […]

  • The Role of Venture Capital

    I like to view the world through different “lenses” to help me understand it. It’s a means to generalize the world and help me consider patterns. Thinking of the world simply as a collection of matter and space is what I call the “physicist lens”, a collection of incentives is the “economist lens”, a collection […]

  • VCs are like Snowflakes

    The most common fundraising question I get from founders is “what do VCs look for in a startup?” Aside from the obvious strong team, I tell them this: Each one is unique. When approaching VCs, this is important to understand. You should do as much homework as possible before approaching any VC. Here are a […]

  • The Role of Algorithms in Venture Capital

    We first saw program trading, where computers were preprogrammed to execute a stock trade based on predetermined conditions, in the 1980s. Today, over 1/3 of stock trades worldwide and well over 1/2 of stock trades in the US are executed by algorithms. Algorithmic venture capital investing is far from common place today, and many argue […]

  • Top 10 AngelList Syndicates You Want to Check Out

    This post is for the rich wanna-be-passive-angel-investors out there. If you haven’t heard of Angel Syndicates, you should read up on this new service that AngelList recently started offering in private beta: Angels Get Carry for Helping a Startup Raise Money with AngelList Syndicates (TechCrunch). What’s Equity Crowdfunding? Equity crowdfunding is fairly new. It’s similar to […]

  • 15 Notable Venture Capital Firms in Los Angeles

    [Update 9/24] Added TenOneTen Ventures to the list, so now it’s at 16. Whether you call in Silicon Beach, the LA startup community, or the Los Angeles tech scene, it’s pretty much one and the same. What fuels it? Money. Here are a list of notable local Venture Capital firms, links to find out more about […]

  • Explaining the Rise of Accelerators/Incubators

    For my senior thesis at Claremont McKenna College, I wrote about Angel Groups, who started investing in the space that VCs abandoned as they started investing in larger deals. Over time, many angels learned the risk of investing in companies that were still pre-seed. The solution, which has recently caught on like wildfire, was the […]