Collaborate good times come on ♫ 🤝

The rise of hybrid/remote offices has resulted in a surge of collaboration tools. To start, there’s been a lot of “virtual offices”. For voice first offices, you have Lounge and Commons. See what people are working on and jump on quick calls with Tandem or Remotion. Some other virtual offices include TeamFlowSpot, and Cosmos.

Build internal dashboard tools quickly w RetoolIndexAirplane.devInternal, or Glean. Use Comeet to run video first async meetings. Almanac is the fastest collaborative doc editor. Air is like a pretty Dropbox for creatives. Slite is similar to Notion but built specifically for remote teams. Ready is a collaborative calendar for teams. Process Street is a simple tool for managing recurring checklists and procedures.

Clew is a place to share, track, and comment on documents. Record and share the best parts of your video calls w Grain or Scribe. Instead of using Loom, build step-by-step instructions easily w Minerva or Scribe. If you need video, you could use Weet or Bubbles to comment and collaborate on your screen shares. RemoteHQ has a cloud based browser you can use together w coworkers. Use Whimsical for collaborative flowcharts online.

Use Okay to build custom productivity dashboards for engineering teams. Deepnote and Miksi are a collaborative notebook for data scientists. Coscreen is for collaborative screen sharing (control other ppl’s screen, copy/paste between two screens). Teamwork is for collaborating with clients.

Tonari is for life-size video calls to fully connect two rooms.






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