Customer-centric twitter strategy.

I’m not a subscriber to Food & Wine Magazine, but I do follow their twitter. Today, through Twitter, they got me to contemplate subscribing to their magazine. Not by ever mentioning the magazine to me, but by simply helping me out. I’ve never done a thing for them, but they’re providing me a service for no cost and no commitment. Maybe I should subscribe to their magazine, I bet it’s entertaining and helpful.

Let me start from the beginning. I woke up today and decided I wanted to cook miso-glazed fish; I probably saw it on a food network show recently. I did a google search, got a few leads, good start.

As lunch rolled around, I checked my Twitter briefly and saw this post from @fandw:

I thought, “Hey, I know what I’m cooking. I doubt they’ll actually respond, but let’s see what happens if I reply.” This was my reply:

Within minutes, I received a response! A simple link to their fish recipe section. They didn’t even link me to a specific recipe, but I was really excited that they were listening to me.

@fandw social media marketing team, my hats off to you.

Let me start off by saying that this sort of conversation-centric SMM strategy isn’t for everybody. Food and Wine Magazine is a big brand and has the resources to do this.

@fandw is successful because it has successfully made their Twitter page a customer relations service, which is a new and different service from everything else they offer. Their website has a large portfolio of recipes that people search through on a day to day basis. They leverage this content as ammunition, and provide personal recommendations to people who want some advice for a very cheap cost, 5 seconds of work by one person.

This strategy is great for companies who have a lot of helpful, informative, categorized, timeless content on their site. Beware, however, if you start responding to too many people through your twitter account, this could result in a decrease in followers. Make sure this fits in well with the rest of your social media marketing strategy.

What other businesses would you like to see implementing this sort of customer relations service?






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