Dating, Marriage, and Babies 💖💍👶

First comes love… 💖

Valentine’s is coming up, so let’s start with some dating startups. I shared Monet last month, the dating app where you draw (so Gen Z). XO is where you play mini-games with dates. Lolly looks like Tik Tok, but only for singles. For video dates, check out The League or Filter Off. They both have video speed dating too. So Synced connects people based on personality type. If you want to join a community to ask questions about dating, head over to Clarity. In a relationship? Zeta is a joint banking app for couples.

Then comes marriage… 💍

Ready to pop the question? With Clarity offers custom engagement rings. Anomalie designs and sells custom wedding gowns. Bloominous has budget friendly wedding flowers. Rock Paper Coin modernizes invoicing for wedding planners. Bustld connects DIY couples w vendors.

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage 👶

Modern Fertility and Grip Fertility offer at-home fertility tests for women. Dadi offers fertility tests for men. Looking for a virtual clinic? Kira is for women, Bastion is for men. Legacy is a modern sperm bank. Kindbody offers egg freezing. Overture is advancing the tech for freezing. PairTree connects adoptive parents with expectant mothers. A few communities for those going through this: Peanut (fertility & motherhood), MamaMend (childbirth & post partum), and Chairman Mom (working mothers).

SNOO and CradleWise sell smart cribs. Huckleberry connects you with sleep experts. Store & share photos w TinyBeans. Invite friends & family to invest in their future with EarlyBird. Marketplaces for baby clothes are over at Good Buy Gear or Kidizen. Organic baby food over at LittleSpoon or Raised Real. Finally, these MiniMeis carriers look awesome.






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