Design Inspirations

These are some design inspirations I came across today. Click on the image to jump the original post/image.

Repurposed shoe rack garden.


I want this iPhone case.

I rock my iPhone nude, but I’m not opposed to the idea of a case. Until recently, the BookBook was looking promising, but it was awkward for holding the phone to your ear. The Pad & Quill Little Luxury Bookcase on the other hand, makes it easy for you to pop out your phone when needed.

I want this desk/kitchen table.

I enjoy working in my kitchen, it’s probably because I’m constantly nibbling on something. This would be convenient to have.

The history of icons.

This blog post by Tutsplus will show you the history of icons used on Macs vs Windows throughout the days.

The sexiest free WordPress themes.

Not sure if that statements true, but these free WordPress themes are stylish nonetheless.

A flowchart for deciding a Typeface.

Seems to me like a reasonable resource for making important decisions.

Official logos for the 50 US states.

These logos are used by the official tourism bureau of each state. My favorites are Georgia and New York, followed by Arizona, Alaska, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Montana.






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