Documenting My Birthday

For the last six years, I removed my birthday from my Facebook profile a week before my birthday, and while I always threw a party for myself (the annual Lingerie Party in college was my birthday party), I would often not tell people it was my birthday. It was a method for me to filter out true friends who remembered my birthday.

I then realized I don’t know the birthdate of many of my close friends. Maybe I should make a better effort to remember their birthday, or accept that fact that we’re inundated by information and that it’s now okay not remember the birthday of those you consider close to you.

This year, I did quite the opposite and documented my birthday, or at least the earlier half until I forgot I was doing this (friends can be distracting).

Breakfast in Bed: French Toast and Mangos!
Breakfast in Bed: French Toast and Mangos!
Hot8Yoga Sculpt Class!
Juice and Hardboiled Eggs!
Went to work for a few hours. #Colofting!
Ahi Poke on the Beach!
Chillin on the beach. #relaxing

At home, once the sun had set, my girlfriend and roommates had invited some friends over for a dinner party. We cooked up a greek pita meal with chicken, shrimp, home-made hummus, tabouli, and a salad.

My boss took me to lunch the next day and my other roommate took me to dinner and tequila shots.

Good thing we had that Thrift Shop Party a few weeks back, made this year’s birthday perfectly relaxing :)






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