Equal opportunity makes us materialistic.

The concept of equal opportunity is that we all have the same chance to be rich. The idea that we could all be rich some day has made our society materialistic, something many people complain about daily.

The concept of equal opportunity is quite new, and very different from back when royalty was royalty and peasants were peasants. In those times, few people climbed the hierarchical ladder of society, and that was alright. Rather than finding happiness through gaining power or money, peasants found happiness in day to day occurrences.

Simple things made them happy, such as the birth of a farm animal or an exceptionally large harvest. Both of these examples, do in fact provide them monetary gain. However, to them, this wasn’t a step closer to the castle they hope to live in some day, but rather a way to feed their family good food.

Politicians gain popularity by promising everyone a richer and better lifestyle. Marketers sell their product by showcasing how luxurious ones life could be.

Everyone can be rich. You can be rich too. Act rich, look rich, and you will be come rich. Money is happiness. Equal opportunity.

Photo from Flickr. Thank you Max Shearer.






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