Find your "Cheers"

Last night, as I walk up to the bar, I’m greeted by the bouncer with a handshake. As I make my way toward my part of the bar, I stop along the way to give hugs to the usuals I see weekly. I get to the bar and high five the bartender who is just about to pour shots for my two friends. Another friend comes up to the bar, so the four of us take a shot. As I drink, play games, and dance all night, I count over 25 people I know by name. Many of them I only ever see when I come to this bar.

My secret? Here it is: go to the same bar over and over again.

It’s also helpful to pick a day of the week where you dedicate yourself to the same bar. This way, you’ll see the same staff each time, who then will remember your name if you tip them well enough. You’ll also notice that there are other people like you, who have weekly schedules to go to this same bar.

How do I meet people? Simple:

  • If I recognize the same person three times, I’ll start talking to them.
  • If I talk to them three times and don’t know their name, I’ll keep asking until I can remember it.
  • If I like them, I start inviting them to other fun places I go.

Now, you try.






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