Gen AI for Research Market Map

Research is a domain where AI can bring about a transformative increase in efficiency. Here, we delve into the expansive realm of “General AI for Research,” segmenting it into various markets:

  1. Investment Research
  2. Legal Research
  3. Academic/Scientific Research
  4. Real Estate Investment Research
  5. Consulting Research
  6. Healthcare Research
  7. Customer Research
  8. Wealth Advisory Research

Let’s dive into the tools and platforms that are paving the way in each of these sectors:

1. Investment Research

  • Alpha-sense specializes in market intelligence.
  • Bloomberg has introduced its 50B parameter model, BloombergGPT.
  • For SEC filings & transcripts, check out Fintool.
  • Investor insights are available at Quill AI.
  • Dive deep into due diligence and market research with Wokelo AI.

2. Legal Research

  • Engage in legal research with Casetext.
  • Darrow offers legal violation detection.
  • Discover e-discovery and more with DISCO.
  • For larger legal teams, there’s Harvey AI.
  • Legal diligence and more can be explored with Luminance.
  • Additionally, a nod to DocDraft for AI-assisted legal document drafting (it’s not research though)

3. Academic/Scientific Research

  • Get quick evidence-based answers from Consensus.
  • Search and understand academic papers with Elicit.
  • Iris offers a comprehensive workspace for researchers.

4. Real Estate Investment Research

  • Spot top potential Airbnb properties with Mashvisor.
  • Explore geospatial/foot traffic data via Passby.
  • Gain property intelligence through Reonomy.

5. Consulting Research

  • AskBrian serves as an AI assistant for consultants.
  • McKinsey has launched an AI tool named Lilli.
  • Additional tools like Babyagi and CognosysAI aid in preparations for discussing Large Language Model opportunities with major corporations.

6. Healthcare Research

  • Hippocratic AI focuses on safety-oriented healthcare-specific models.
  • Latent Health stands out as a medical language model for healthcare operations.
  • Stay updated with the latest clinical evidence through Open Evidence</a>.

7. Customer Research

  • Analyze customer feedback using Ask Viable.
  • Enterpret is also dedicated to customer feedback, especially product-specific.
  • Understand brand sentiment with Latana.
  • Conduct AI-powered surveys through Pollthepeople.

8. Wealth Advisory Research

  • Range provides an AI-powered wealth advisory.
  • Vise offers AI automations for wealth advisors.

In conclusion, while this list is extensive, it’s essential to note that there are countless other pioneering startups in the AI research space that deserve recognition. The goal here is to offer insights into how diverse sectors are harnessing AI to deliver unparalleled value to varied customer segments. The future of research, bolstered by AI, promises groundbreaking advancements and efficiency.






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