Google Instant #1 results: A through Z.

Google instant will start giving you suggestions as soon as you start typing a word in. Awesome. So I thought it would be fun to find out who the number one searched result was for each letter of the alphabet. Some of the results surprised me at first, but then I realized it’s probably pretty personalized to the profile google has stored for me. Creepy.

A –
B – Bank of America
C – Craigslist
E – eBay
F – Facebook
G – Gmail
H – Hotmail
I – Ikea
J – JetBlue
K – Ktla
L – Lakers
M – Myspace
N – Netflix
O – OC Fair
P – Pandora
Q – Quotes
R – Ralphs
S – Skype
T – Target
V – Verizon
W – Weather
X – Xbox
Y – Yahoo
Z – Zillow

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