Here comes the Metaverse ūüĆé

The Metaverse is a physically replicated digital world. In the future, we’re imagining a network of worlds where you can jump between with the same avatar, wearing NFTs, and playing games or even working.¬†Crucible, for example, is building a portable digital identity platform for this. Let’s look at some startups building in this ecosystem.

For a light-weight non-expansive social experience as an intro, you have tools like Roomkey, Mibo, and Recroom. Spatial and Spot for a work-focused take on this.

Jumping into worlds where you can buy real estate and create on it, there’s¬†Decentraland¬†(the biggest),¬†The SandBox, and¬†Cryptovoxels. Upland looks a bit like¬†Monopoly¬†and¬†MegaCryptoPolis¬†looks like Sim City.¬†Somnium Space¬†and¬†Dual Universe¬†are expansive universes.

For Metaverse gaming, you have Axie Infinity and Illuvium for raising monsters. Gods Unchained for online trading cards. Big Time Studios has an RPG where you collect NFTs. Zed Run is for horse racing and F1DeltaTime is for car racing. Decentral Games runs casinos within Decentraland.

Use Genies to create your avatar and start collecting fashion. Fabricant designs photorealistic digital fashion. RTKFT does fashion drops in the digital world. Digitalax is building a fashion ecosystem. Find more digital fashion at DressX or The Dematerialized.

If this is a space you’re interested in, jump over to the¬†Metaverse Tracker¬†we just released that covers over 200+ projects and tools in this space.






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