How I Found Bánh Mì at Mendocino Farms Using Food Spotting

Mendocino Farms. Sounds like a place with roaming cows and grassy fields, right?

Wrong, it’s an awesome sandwich place in Marina Del Rey. We’re talking animals, long dead.

I’ve been to the shopping center in Marina Del Rey a countless number of times. I’ve actually stood outside this sandwich shops a few times, but I was never drawn in. The Chipotle a few doors down was too tempting, and I always ended up there. I mean always.

I wasn’t even looking for somewhere to eat. I was researching food related apps for a friend of mine and ended up on Food Spotting. If you haven’t heard of the website/app, you should check it out. Imagine Yelp for menu items, rather than restaurants, combined with images. One sandwich caught my eye, and that was the Bánh Mì.

If you don’t know what Bánh Mì is, it’s a traditional Vientamese sandwich that often consists of grilled meat, pickled vegetables, and plenty of cilantro. I haven’t come across it too many times, but every time, it left a burning memory of deliciousness in my brain.

A slight disappointment is that it wasn’t a traditional Bánh Mì, but the chefs modern take on it. Which meant it tasted just as good, but cost $10, rather than $2. Delicious though, I’ll come here again.

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