Hub LA, Collaborative Consumption, StartupHen, and LAB Humanity

Today was an exciting day. I celebrated National Pi Day with Hub Los Angeles at a gathering of about 25 or so people to discuss Collaborative Consumption, while eating Pie from the Pie Hole. After the meeting, I went straight to my second client session for StartupHen with LAB Humanity and set up their online presence.

The National Pi(e) Day Celebration was hosted by Hub Los Angeles at our new pop-up temporary office in the Arts District of Downtown. I actually arrived early to meet with our Grass Roots Partners team to discuss the launch party for Hub LA. The main event was centered around a conversation on Collaborative Consumption, which is a blanket term for the increasing amount of trading, renting, bartering, and purchasing of products and services on a person-to-person level, made possible, in large, due to technology. This is a topic I’m passionate about, so I was given the opportunity to introduce the subject to the group. As with every Hub LA event, I met a lot of great new people today, which had me walking away from the event with a big smile on my face.

I met up with Michelle from LAB Humanity at 212 Pier, the coffee shop we’d randomly met at one night. I’ve since then been helping her develop her idea and business, occasionally meeting at the same coffee shop. I find myself meeting people at café more and more these days. We sat down knowing we were going to set up their website, and managed to tackle everything we wanted to do within the three hours we had given ourselves. I learn new things every time I repeat this process, and this time was no different.

I need to write down notes from tonight, probably on the StartupHen website.






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