I’m loving No Code

I recently migrated a custom CRM from code (MySQL/PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript) to No Code, so I naturally look at a lot of these tools. For those unfamiliar, there are an increasing number of tools that allow people to create full blown apps without writing a line of code. Webflow is the king today, they provide both front end and back end functionality for creating an app. You can integrate this with Memberstack or Memberspace to add user functionality to this. Parabola is like Zapier, but for large swaths of data at a time – it can grab a MySQL table, merge it with your Mailchimp data, add columns, do some math, and spit out results in Google Sheets. Use these piping tools to add functionality like enrichment (ClearbitNorbertSnov) and machine learning (Intersect LabsObviously AIColabelLobe AI). For building internal tools, there’s also NotionCodaClickUp, and Retool. It’s probably worth noting that Amazon jumped into this space with Honeycode. You can educate yourself at Makerpad or hire a no code agency like 8020.






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