Introducing BabyFoxAGI: The Next Evolution of BabyAGI

Sorry not sorry, this blog post was AI-generated based on this tweet thread.

Ever heard of self-improving task lists, chat UIs with parallel task capabilities, and an assortment of new skills ranging from DALLE to Airtable? Welcome to the world of BabyFoxAGI, the newest mod of the ever-evolving BabyAGI series. This blog post aims to dissect what sets BabyFoxAGI apart and how it could revolutionize your interaction with BabyAGI.

The Evolution: Baby<Animal>AGI Series

BabyFoxAGI isn’t a standalone project but part of an intriguing lineage. It’s a mod of BabyElfAGI, and follows in the footsteps of a series of mods with the naming pattern of Baby<animal>AGI, following an alphabetical order of animals. So far, we have had:

  • 🐝 BabyBeeAGI
  • 🐱 BabyCatAGI
  • 🦌 BabyDeerAGI
  • 🧝 BabyElfAGI
  • 🦊 BabyFoxAGI
Self-Improving Task Lists: The FOXY Method

One of the most compelling features of BabyFoxAGI is its self-improving task lists, thanks to the FOXY method. The model stores a “final reflection” after each task. When initializing a new task, it pulls the most relevant reflection from the past to guide future runs. This iterative feedback mechanism allows the AGI to generate increasingly efficient and effective task lists over time.

For a more in-depth breakdown, check out this detailed thread.

A Novel Chat UI for Parallel Tasks

BabyFoxAGI brings an experimental user interface that separates the chat from the tasks/output panel. This separation allows you to request multiple tasks simultaneously, providing a seamless multitasking experience.

Here’s the original thread that introduced this feature.

What’s New in Skills?

This mod comes packed with some interesting new skills, including:

  • 🎨 DALLE skill with prompt assist
  • 🎢 Music player integrated with Deezer
  • πŸ“Š Airtable search (add your own table/base ID)
  • πŸ” Startup Analyst (an example of a robust function call as a skill)
Organized and Documented

Acknowledging the past issues with documentation, BabyFoxAGI comes with its own README. The aim is to provide a better understanding of its functionalities and architecture, making it easier for contributors and users alike.

Developer Notes

In terms of the codebase, what used to be in has now been shifted to, with an added function to execute just one skill. The new focuses on back-end functionalities for the new chat UI and connections with BabyAGI.

A Few Caveats

The developer admits to rushing this version a bit, leaving room for potential bugs. So if you run into issues, consider it a fun puzzle to solve!

Try It Out

The code is available for forking on Replit and GitHub, with instructions in each. For Replit users, simply fork it and add your OpenAI API key as a secret called OPENAI_API_KEY.

Wrapping Up

BabyFoxAGI offers a host of innovative features, aimed at offering a more efficient and engaging experience. From self-improving task lists to a novel chat interface and an array of new skills, it pushes the boundary of what we’ve come to expect from AGI models. Be sure to give it a try and join in on the future of AGI development.






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