Introducing the GPT VC Associate and the Mean VC¬†ūü§Ė

Meet our newest team member,¬†the GPT VC Associate. It’s a custom GPT we built that (1) takes pitches from founders (has a specific set of questions it will ask), (2) enriches the info with web browsing, and (3) writes an investment memo which is shared with the founder.

While this VC can’t write checks yet, it is¬†available 24/7, and founders have loved it so far. Since launching on Jan 5th, the VC Associate has had over 6800+¬†chats, and we’ve received¬†dozens of investment memos written by this associate in our inbox and DMs.

Three days ago, we released the¬†Mean VC¬†(now at ~500 chats) who is designed to continuously¬†poke holes in a founders assumptions, and can be quite mean. We’re receiving great feedback from founders on this, and have started suggesting our portfolio companies¬†to use it in preparation for upcoming fundraises.






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