Is it Christmas yet? Let’s talk eCommerce tools

Honoring the tradition of talking about Christmas too early, I’d like to share some eCommerce tools. In all seriousness, if you’re selling D2C, you should be starting to think about how to take advantage of the first and hopefully last COVID Christmas.

Want packaging? Lumi. Need help with ops and fulfillment? Take a look at Airhouse or Outerspace. Then, ship faster with Shippo or EasyShip. Bringing stuff in from abroad? Look at Terminal 49. Managing supply chain risk? Use Alloy or Calico.

Hyloq is for running geo-fenced hyper targeted ads. AutoOptimize and Privy are for increasing conversion rate on your site. LiveRecover is for recovering abandoned carts. Increase referrals with ReferralCandy. Power up your product search with Constructor. Make post-purchase offers with CartHook. If your items are expensive, make sure to offer financing with ViaBill. Sales Tax compliance can be done with TaxJar.

One-click no log-in check out? Shop with Hashtags? Use Boost.

Don’t have any merch to sell? Merch38 is a tool for doing this with No-Code and no inventory.






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