Japan, Day 1

I flew into Tokyo today, because my brother’s getting married on Sunday. It’s a 16 hour difference from Los Angeles, and a 12 hour flight, meaning I arrived at the place my parent’s are staying at 30 hours after I left Los Angeles. Even crazier, I’ll arrive in LA a few hours before I leave Japan. Wrap your head around that.

First, I want to point out that Tokyo seemed unaffected by the recent disaster. I’m not trying to say it wasn’t affected, but rather point out that everything was the same as I’d remembered, everything is running smoothly. If I hadn’t known about the disaster beforehand, I wouldn’t have noticed from simply traveling through Tokyo.

The news though, is definitely focused around some of the recent disasters. It’s mostly detailed explanations and instructions on what to do currently and in the future for people who may be affected by the nuclear power plants. Lots of Japan doesn’t have good water or electricity.

I had some awesome sushi today. Decent sushi here has better quality fish than the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. I love food.






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