LA Startup News & Events – October

I love watching the LA startup scene grow, check out this article by Mark Suster to see how you can take part: 12 Tips to Building a Successful Startup Community Where You Live. It’s important though, to remember and celebrate the tech industry growing worldwide.

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Recent Articles Featuring the LA Startup Scene and LA Startups

Oct 8 – A Co-Working Space for People Who Give a Damn Explodes in Los Angeles (Fast Co.Exist)
Oct 8 – Tech Execs Spend Their World-Changing Billions in the Land of Smog and Nose Jobs (BetaBeat)
Oct 5 – Tech Titans Hit the Beach (Wall Street Journal)
Oct 4 – Silicon Beach brins tech stardust to LA (Financial Times)
Sept 28 – Two of LA’s Buzziest Startups, BeachMint and ShoeDazzle, Were in Talks to Merge (Business Insider)
Sept 27 – General Assembly Brings its Entrepreneurial Education to Los Angeles with Launchpad LA Partnership (PandoDaily)
* General Assembly Class Schedule (also listed below)
Sept 19 – Mobile Game Start-Up Scopey Scoops Up $8.5 Million (All Things D)
Sept 19 – Defining Silicon Beach (Forbes)
Sept 14 – Suddenly, Hollywood Is A Startup Hotbed (Business Insider)
Sept 13 – Eric Garcetti Opens Mayor Campaign Vows to Nurture the City’s Tech Sector (LA Weekly)
Aug 28 – Why Los Angeles Is Emerging as the Next Silicon Valley (Forbes)
Aug 1 – Coloft Is the Cheers of the New Ecosystem, Now With Night School (PandoDaily)
* Coloft Academy Class Schedule (also listed below)


Oct 27, 9PM (Hub Los Angeles) – Spooky Party Time

Business/Marketing Events

Oct 12, 7PM (Launchpad LA) – How to Get Your First Million Users *General Assembly
Oct 13, 5PM (Launchpad LA) – Intro to the LA Startup Community *General Assembly
Oct 13 – 14 (Launchpad LA) – Weekend Workshop: Entrepreneurial Thinking + UX Design *General Assembly
Oct 13, 3PM (Cross Campus) – TEDx Santa Monica: City 2.0
Oct 13, 8AM (NextSpace) – Eric Reiss Workshop: Usable Usability — Lean UX starts right here (use discount code “quack” for 50% off)
Oct 14, 8AM (NextSpace) – Eric Reiss Workshop: Putting the content into content strategy – effective writing for interactive media (use discount code “quack” for 50$ off)
Oct 15, 6PM (Online) – Tech Coast Angels Open Forum
Oct 17, 6PM (Coloft) – Startup Business Development – A Four Hour Hands on Workshop *Coloft Academy
Oct 23, 7PM (Coloft) – Selling Through Social Media *Coloft Academy
Oct 25, 7AM (The Olympic Collection) – Growth Capital Conference
Oct 25, 6:30PM (Wokcano Santa Monica) – Startup Mix & Mingle
Oct 27, 10AM (UCLA) TEDx UCLA
Oct 31 (Online) – Startup Submission Deadline for Startup Venture Summit
Nov 8, 7PM (Coloft) – Enhancing User Engagement for Faster User Growth *Coloft Academy
Nov 16 – 18 (Coloft) – Startup Weekend Los Angeles
Nov 28, 8AM (UCLA) – Startup Venture Summit

Developer Events

Oct 10, 7PM (Coloft) – Intro to MongoDB – Cure your database blues *Coloft Academy
Oct 11, 7PM (Coloft) – Developing Applications with Apache Cassandra
Oct 16, 7PM (CallFire) – First Cassandra LA Meet and Greet
Oct 17, 7PM (Threshold Interactive) – Silicon Beach Facebook Developers Meetup #2
October 23, 7PM (Amplify LA) – Robots & Arduino Happy Hour
Nov 4, 10AM (Cross Campus) – LAOpenSource #5
Nov 13, 9AM (Coloft) – iOS Development *Coloft Academy
Nov 16 – 18 (Coloft) – Startup Weekend Los Angeles

Jelly LA Monthly FREE Coworking Day Meet-up Group

2nd & 3rd Wednesday – @Satellite Santa Monica (Next: Oct 10)
2nd Friday – @CraveLab (Next: Oct 12)
3rd Monday – @Coloft (Next: Oct 15)
3rd Friday – @NextSpace (Next: Oct 19)
Last Friday – @DropLabs (Next: Oct 26)
Every Two Weeks – @KleverDog (Next: Oct 19)






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