#LAFI Chapter 3: Admission

Before you get to take the admission test, they have you write a few essays. Nothing about your business idea, simply about who you are. Assuming honesty is the best answer (that’s what I was always taught), I typed up how I felt and submitted my essays. A few days later, I was invited to take the admission test.

I hear only one in three people who take the test get into the Founder Institute. That’s actually pretty good odds, isn’t it? It’s probably fair to note that 25-60% of people drop out during any semester, so getting in isn’t everything.

The admission test is part logic and part personality (kind of like the Meyers Briggs test). There’s no real way to prepare for it, except eating well and getting good sleep, both of which I failed to do.

Personally, I thought the logic was a breeze. The personality test concerned me a little, but I suppose I shouldn’t share details about either.

I got in. Yay.






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