#LAFI Chapter 4: Skipping Ahead, Prototype Done!

Between my work, some recent travels and the Founder Institute, it’s been a little hectic and I haven’t had a chance to update my progress. Hopefully, I’ll get back to recapping it later.

Tonight, I finished my first functioning prototype!

After receiving some feedback during last night’s session, I realized my next step was to start creating the product. I’ve never designed or developed any sort of mobile app, so this was slightly intimidating. I started by drawing some of my thoughts out…

I found 8 revenue models, some stronger than others. I’ll have to take some time and delve into each one at another time.

Out of curiosity, I searched google for “iPhone wireframing tools” and found a few links. I tried three or four that were touted as the best and found them slow and difficult to use.

Then, I found iWebKit, a free file package designed to help you create your own iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible websites…

Within hours, I had a working prototype of my product online. See it in action below:

I suggest anybody with some html experience to check out iWebKit, and then make sure you donate money, cause this guy rocks.

[UPDATE] The prototype is up and running at http://eventbro.com/festival. Check it out on your iPhone if you have one, it actually functions properly and naturally! (Some functions won’t work properly on a computer).






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