Launch Analytics for Yéiyo: First 6 Days

I want to thank Mark Lemay for reinforcing my theory that an anti-stealth startup is helpful for other entrepreneurs. Whether it’s specifically helpful for you depends on your business and your personality.

It was last Thursday that I put together the website for Yéiyo, and it was Friday that I sent out the press release and submitted Yéiyo to a few sites. I thought people would find these numbers interesting, and hopefully helpful.

131 Unique Visitors, 3:05 Average Time On Site

I posted about Yéiyo on my personal Facebook casually on Friday, which is where most of that spike came from. Ycombinator’s Hacker News also brought in about 10 visitors on Friday. Most of the visitors from Monday and Tuesday are from Betalist. brought the most visitors

By far, sent over the most visitors. Considering the website is for people who want to find out about new startup ideas, I guess this makes sense. The press release I submitted to 24-7pressrelease apparently didn’t do too much.

27 Beta Testers, 20% Conversion Rate

The homepage of Yéiyo asks people if they want to be a beta tester. 27 people submitted their email addresses. That’s a 20% conversion rate. I wanted to see how this compared to other people, but the best I could find were conversion rates for Launchrock pages, which is essentially the same thing. Conversion rates ranged from 9% to 43%, but I’m sure this depends not only on the idea, but also on the way the Launchrock page is marketed. 6 days also isn’t that long, we’ll get more data over time. (43% conversion rate – Article, Quora Discussion, 30% conversion – tips on using Launchrock)

Should have used Launchrock

Or at least an alternative. Just realized while looking for conversion rates that Launchrock now has a simple widget that can be added to any website. Launchrock does a much better job of tracking analytics and incentivizing people who sign up to share the site with others. It’s not too late, so you’ll probably see that implemented into Yéiyo soon. Unless we use one of their competitors:

What did I use? I used a free contact form plugin on WordPress, so I’m collecting email addresses in a gmail folder. Definitely not the best way to do it.

10 Tweets, No Facebook

Considering I’m a social media consultant by profession, I should be embarrassed by these stats, but this time around, I didn’t put too much effort into social media. Still, I made sure to capture tweets that naturally happened by monitoring keywords and thanking every mention.

1 Press Release, Republished 10+ Times

  • Official Press Release: 24-7PressRelease – Where I submitted my Press Release to. I practically picked it at random from a larger list of free press release distribution sites.
  • Press Page on – Put this up for press people.
  • Arts&Entertainment – Probably because events was one of the categories I chose with the Press Release. Straight republished.
  • Near Field Communication News – They picked it up as mobile commerce news and linked to the press release.
  • Indiatimes – It always surprises me to see how many sites automatically link to relevant press releases.
  • Ecommerce News – I don’t even know what this is. Is this a website run by 24-7PressRelease?
  • Hacker News (See #2 on this list) – It seemed like a good place to post. Brought some visitors.
  • – More traffic came from here than anywhere else.
  • Digg – Brought some traffic. Posted it as myself.
  • – A site similar to Digg, someone from Paris shared our article!
  • Wikindu – Similar to Betalist, didn’t bring many visitors, though some.
  • Other places not worth mentioning. They haven’t brought any traffic, but it’s probably good for SEO.






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