Launching StartupHen

In the last few years, I’ve consulted as a designer, developer, social media marketer, publicist, and management consultant for early-stage startups and established small businesses in Los Angeles.

Most recently, I decided to package all of my skills into one service for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to quickly and cheaply set up online tools while learning how to use them simultaneously. The service is called StartupHen, and I decided to have the company itself be its first project.

In 4.5 hours, I was able to (a) buy a domain name, (b) set up a website and blog, (c) set up email addresses, (d) set up a mailing list to collect emails, (e) create a logo and original artwork for the website, (f) write copy, and (g) set up branded social media accounts. I also had time to document the process in live blog form which you can read here.

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