Life Is Beautiful

Early Morning: 15 minutes of yoga, 20 minute bike ride, made & ate breakfast (omelet & banana)!

I was looking at my new year’s resolutions yesterday and realized that some simple activities would tackle multiple resolutions. For example, “stress less about small things” and “maintain an awesome body” (read: work out more) can be knocked out with a little yoga and bike ride in the morning. Cooking and eating breakfast is also something that always makes my whole day better. Not for the first time, I decide these are things I’ll do more often.

Late Morning: Set up classes for tech entrepreneurs!

I’m looking forward to the classes coming up at Coloft Academy. I can’t deny that there are still difficulties I’m facing with growing the program, but I’m noticeably improving across the board with my job. Today, both owners of Coloft (Avesta & Cam) came in, which is basically enough to make my day – they’re both so awesome.

Lunch: Big group lunch!

Our monthly lunch where the members of the shared workspace I work for eat lunch together that we order from Z Garden. The fact that we always get Z Garden is now a running joke (I guess there used to be more variety?), but I love that it’s turning into a comfort food I associate with Coloft.

Afternoon: Listening and giving feedback to pitches!

Half-way through the 5-week tech accelerator program we’re doing with the high school kids. Today, they did a practice pitch for the first time, and both teams did great. The students in the program, the organizers, and David (who teaches with me) are all great to work with. Definitely makes me wonder if teaching is something I’d want to get into.

Early Evening: Group Bowling!

Well, that was fun. Throwing heavy balls across a room, knocking things down. Definitely slightly disappointed that I was stood up (?) by a really cute girl I was hoping to get to know better, but everything happens for a reason. Bonding with work friends outside of work is fun, I should do that more often. Bowling is also awesome, everyone should do it more often.

Late Evening: ~*~Spiritual gathering~*~

My friend Snap Chatted me the picture of a squiggly colorful light thing that seemed to float in the air. On my drive home, I see this squiggly light against a window of a place called The Source. Feeling drawn to it, I park my car and walk up to the window on the second story. I meet a guy named Nate who invites me to the Source Cafe downstairs, and met some people with great energy including an amazing raw food chef (I should say supposedly since I didn’t actually try his food yet, but I will soon). I step outside after a bit and notice the door to the upstairs open (it wasn’t earlier) and step into a gorgeous space that was once a christian church, then a hari krishna church, and now a multi-faith spiritual community center. My friend is there to introduce me to his friends (they’d just finished a 2 hour meditation session), and I decide I’ll try out their Sunday/Wednesday meditation sessions sometime soon.

Nighttime: Write & relax…

Wrote this up. Not trying to proofread, just wanted to share my wonderful day with anybody who his might energize. Now I’m going to snack a little more, and chiiiiill, before I go to bed.

Good night!






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