Links & Resources for Developing an App

Have a cool app idea and want to get it developed? I’ve collected some links and resources to help you find various ways to get it created. Enjoy!

Creating an iPhone App:
– How to Create Your First iPhone Application
– How to Develop a Branded iPhone App on a Budget
– How to Build an App for your Small Business

Tips on Hiring
– 3 Things to Consider When Staffing a Software Development Project
– How to Hire a Designer or Developer
– How to Hire (or be Hired) as a Team of Devs

iPhone App Design:
– How to Develop iPhone Apps with Staying Power
– Mobile App Tips for Small Businesses

Tips on Hiring a Co-Founder:
– What to Look for in a Co-Founder
– 10 Most Serious Hiring Mistakes and How to Fix Them
– 14 Tip for Hiring the Perfect CTO

Company Culture
– 5 Ways to Develop a Company Culture for Remote Teams

Co-Founder Hiring Resources
– Glassdoor (Compensation Research)
– Craigslist Cofounder
– Tech Cofounder
– Founder Dating
– Noodle Yard (Hiring Board run by Coloft – Santa Monica’s tech coworking space)

Resources for finding Dev Agencies
– TheyMakeApps
– Appolicious

Resources for Outsourcing
– oDesk
– elance
– GroupTalent (for hiring groups)

Do-It-Yourself Resources
– 4 Tools for Building a Business Mobile App
– Make an App for your Small Business – Without Hiring a Developer
– How to Start developing for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 7
– How to Build an iPhone App

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