Mountain High Snowboarding Review


I went snowboarding at Mountain High (@mthigh) yesterday, my first time up this season. To answer the most common question: yes, it was awesome.

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First and foremost, Mountain High is very close to LA. At less than two hours away (with traffic), it’s close enough to drink until last call on a Saturday night and have a full day of shredding the next day. I fell asleep on the way there so I have no idea how long it took, but we left past seven and arrived around nine. It took us an hour and forty five on the way back. I live in Venice, so it’s even closer for people in downtown or pasadena.

Mountain High has three areas: East, West, and North. I don’t know anything about North, but you there is a very frequent shuttle between East and West, so you can hit up both mountains in a day, no problem. Because the West Resort parking lot was full, we parked in the East lot, shuttled to the West, and boarded there all day. It wasn’t a hassle.

One thing I really enjoy about Mountain High is that they have a lot of terrain, for both beginners and experts. There are plenty of clearly marked small jumps for those who want to start learning how to jump. For the more advanced, they have quite a variety of boxes and rails, table tops, step ups, step downs, rollers, hips, spines, drumcans, and a 20ft wall. Check out their terrain layout here.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for powder, Mountain High may not be for you. From what I’ve heard, the days they have powder, the mountain is too packed and sucks. However, if you’re a speedster, the well groomed paths of Mountain High are ready for you. Probably because the resort is more for beginners and tricksters, the black runs toward the top were completely empty. Until 4pm, the snow condition didn’t bother me at all.

As for wanting to be surrounded by nature, Mountain High will do the trick. Take the Conquest lift to the top and take a look around. The photo above doesn’t do the view enough justice.

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