Opening up the Workplace and the Future of Work

We’re starting to open up the workplace. Are self-reported health symptom tools like Tamarin Health and TeamSense enough? Maybe your workplace won’t reopen and you’ll go full remote. You might negotiate a work-from-home office package through Firstbase, and get better home security through Clario. Maybe use Avvinue to relocate to another country. Now that all the meetings are on Zoom, perhaps you’ll use tools like Navigator to plan the meetings and ask FirefliesOtter, or Symbl to take your notes. Even web-based customer support could move to video with LivewebLoom is a recent favorite for avoiding unnecessary Zoom calls.

In hiring, you can go the AI route and use Seekout to find candidates and Humanly to screen and engage them. Alternatively, you can lean in on remote and use Symba to find and manage your remote interns and Pangian to connect with 2M workers seeking remote jobs. Tools like RemotePanther, and Deel make hiring international employees and contractors easy (they handle employment laws, insurance, etc.). Speaking of insurance, should your health insurance be tied to your job? Catch handles benefits for gig workers, but I can see use cases beyond that.

It would be a miss to not mention GPT-3 announced this month, there’s Debuild that writes code and Otherside AI that both summarizes and writes email for you. (Lavendar also helps you write better emails, though not with GPT-3).






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