Raddest Event Organizers in LA

I was talking to a photo documenting startup this morning who wanted to work with event organizers. While I am an event organizer with Coloft, and I’m connected to others who host networking events, the raddest parties to take photos at are not business related. These are the event organizers I suggested they try to work with, because they host the raddest parties in LA.

Drink Eat Play – 80’s Prom Party, LA Bacon Fest, Tribute Fest… all the parties they throw are themed and awesome. Also, the name of their company is rad.

Barcelona LA – Bockfest, St Pattys Fest & Pirate Party are events where tickets cost $25 for all-you-can drink beer during the day. They also do pricier, fancier parties like Beverly Hills Wine Festival & Calabasas Wine Festival. Now only if their website was easier to navigate…

QueenVee Entertainment – These guys do themed booze cruises. Theme include Mardi Gras, Cops & Robbers, and the list goes on… Too bad their website is down, at least their Facebook page lists upcoming events.

Mindshare LA – Monthly event with art, technology, awesome speakers, and boozing. My favorite monthly event.






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