Retail & D2C 🛍📦

The changing face of retail 🛍

2020 hit retail hard, and retail is hitting back (with innovation)! Starting with livestream shopping, you have PopShopLiveShopShop, and NTWRK to name a few. Hero allows e-commerce store owners to video chat with customers on their site. LiveScale and Playback help brands to schedule and host video shopping events. Glamhive is a virtual stylist service that hosts large scale virtual events for stylists and enthusiasts.

Some new eComm tools: Buy Low is a chrome plug-in that automatically runs price comparisons on various sites for you. Route is for tracking all of your eCommerce packages and PorchPod is for securing them when they’re delivered. Use Returnmates for hassle free returns. Alloy helps automate e-commerce stores, and RetentionX is for running quick and powerful analysis on your Shopify (or other eCommerce) data.

Just a few more… Robomart is a convenience-store-in-a-van that comes to you. Shop local with Fast AF (LA) or Sidewalk (Denver). Pulse measures happiness of in-store customers. Finally, Olvin has a crazy looking data tool to understand global retail behavior.

DTC is in the air 📦

Another big change in retail is a growth of beautiful and specialized D2C brands. Just to name a few… Judy sells emergency kits, Windmill sells window AC, and Canopy sells Humidifiers.. Raised Real and Little Spoon sell food for kids. Bite sells chewable toothpaste. Tushy sells a bidets, Thinx sells pads/tampons, and you can get TP from Bippy or Who Gives a Crap. Check out Recteq for a smart pellet grill, or Solo Stove for something more oldschool. Away is for travel bags. Ember for heated mugs. Go to Big Ass Fans for well… big ass fans.






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