Ruby on Rails is Awesome

I wrote my first line of Ruby code five days ago. I installed Rails three days ago. I have a functioning Ruby on Rails app online using Heroku today. What I’ve built using Rails in three days is significantly more well built and tested then what I could have built using PHP and MySQL in a week.

I’ve been coding on and off since 7th grade, starting with my beloved TI-83. I learned HTML/CSS during college, and picked up PHP/MySQL during a one month learning spring I did back in 2009. I’ve since then picked up Javascript/jQuery and mastered MySQL (I rock views on views on views).

All this experience definitely helped me pick up Ruby on Rails, but I wish I learned web development with Ruby on Rails to begin with.

Why do so may startups use Ruby on Rails? Let’s ask Quora: Why Do So Many Startups Use Ruby on Rails? Here are some excerpts from the top answer:

…From a hiring perspective, a startup can assume that if a developer is using Rails (or another modern web framework) that they are keeners who are interested in skills development and are likely involved in contributing to open source projects. This usually indicates a personality type that is a good cultural fit for many small development teams…

…Rails developers are often keenly aware of full-stack web development practices to build highly scalable web sites. Caching, worker queues, thread and process management, non-relational data storage, filesystem and kernel optimization, proxy configuration, redundancy and monitoring are all discussed in the same breath as Rails development on a regular basis…

…A small team can get a minimum viable product into beta very quickly using tools that are fun to work with. Embracing constraints and the conventions (naming, pluralization, project structure) really do enable new talent to join a project and get up to speed quickly…

 If you want to learn web development with Ruby on Rails, hit me up.






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