Show Off Your Wine Conquests With Your iPhone

Keeping track of the wines you drink seems kinda geeky. It probably is. But, here’s an iPhone App that makes it look pretty cool. The app itself is great, but what draws me to it is the interface of your cellar – the database of wines you bookmark. It has the feeling of a well organized mole-skin wine journal that an old-school wine snob might carry around. It’s called Drync.

Searching for a wine is easy. You type in a few words and year from the label, and navigate through a short list. Drync Wine has over 1.2 million wines in it’s database, so they should have a lot of the wines you would get your hands on.

Once you identify and tag your wine, it’ll automatically save the year, varietal, style, and region. You can fill in a price, rating, location, tasting note, and private note. By linking it to your Foursquare account, you can check-in to keep track of the restaurants that carry your favorite wines.

The paid app at $4.99 is a bit steep, but you won’t have a limit in your cellar. If you’re serious about keeping track of the wines you drink, paying for this app is a good way to signal to yourself that you really want to do this. It’s an incentive thing I’m currently reading about in Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done. is another app that’s pretty good for keeping track of which wines you drink. There are also plenty of apps that’ll get you just info or pairings.






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