Simplest Fried Rice

Using this trick, I’ve made 4 meals for $10. It’s not really a cooking tip, however you will use a frying pan. Whether or not its original, I’d like to give credit to my friend Aaron Forman for introducing this to me. He told me he made the best fried rice, and when I asked how, he told me, “left-over chinese food.”

Dab some oil on a frying pan, throw in some chinese food and rice, and then fry it. That’s it. I’ve tried this with orange chicken, mongolian beef, chicken and green beans, and mixes of all sorts. You can throw in additional veggies or meats you need to get rid of and cook it through before you throw in the rest. Eggs are also a great addition. Most likely you’ll want to throw in some seasoning yourself. Try anything from salt, pepper, soy sauce, garlic powder, ginger, oyster sauce, to Sriracha.


– Rice is very cheap and easy to cook. If you don’t know how, you should learn.
– Using rice that’s been cooked then kept in the fridge over night works best for fried rice. The fridge dehydrates the rice a bit, making it flakey as opposed to sticky.
– If using eggs, cook and set aside. Adding it in at the end will allow it to keep it vibrant color. Food that looks good, sometimes tastes better.






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