SnapChat Gets Sued by… Cofounder?

Mr. Frank Reginald Brown IV seems to have been “Winklevii’d” by the two founders of SnapChat, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Apparently, Mr. Brown came up with the idea, designed the logo, and was CMO for a little while, even through the launch of the app (it was called Pickaboo back then).

After a disagreement with the two other founders, Mr. Brown was basically pushed out. Now that SnapChat is successful, he’s coming back for the money.

Let’s be honest though, just because he came up with the idea doesn’t mean he deserves anything. He was silly not to sign anything. And clearly he wasn’t doing a great job as CMO if his two other co-founders kicked him out AND took the app to where it is now.

To all future entrepreneurs who think they have a great idea, learn from mistakes like this.

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