Social startup companies need a social media marketer.

As many of you know, I spent the last year creating, designing, and marketing I’ll have to share my experience with that soon. Currently, I consult and manage social media marketing for a few clients in various industries. What’s amazing is how much of what I learn from social media marketing correlates with designing and marketing a social website.

Everyday, I analyze everyone’s actions on Twitter and Facebook. What information do people post on their Facebook wall, and what does this say about them? What links/videos to people post vs share on Facebook? What kind of information or questions do people comment on, reply to, and like? I can take this information then apply it to why Facebook and Twitter decided to set up their interface and functions in the specific way they did, and think about what works about it vs what doesn’t.

I talk to businesses (both clients and non clients) everyday about what they want out of their social media campaign. How much do different businesses understand the tools that exist? How hesitant are they to start using it? What information that I provide (and about which tool) convinces them that they should get start using each tool? What do they ultimately want out of online marketing that current tools can’t provide? Every week, I understand better what tools will sell better to business owners.

Finally, I’m getting practice selling social media marketing to businesses in different industries. When creating EntertainLA, I spent months on my business plan, trying to come up with a good-sounding way to sell my service to businesses once it was ready. However, the experience of cold calling and pitching social media marketing is giving me hands on experience is something you can’t substitute, which as entrepreneurs we often don’t want to believe. It’s also difficult to explain since I’m taking into account the pitch of their voice, the way they adjust their seating, and the general attitude they present toward social media marketing.






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